There is a common rumor that service centers not run by a dealership are less expensive. We know some people opt in for these places once their warranty has expired. We did some research and it turns out our prices are right on par with what they offer. But there are several advantages to servicing your vehicle at a dealership that specializes in that brand.
• Recall work will be done for free! Chain stores and Mom + Pop Shops can tell you if there is a recall on your vehicle. However, they are not able to perform the work like we can. Recall work is performed on vehicles when the manufacturer identifies a part that did not meet their long term expectations. They will notify each customer who has a part in their vehicle that needs to be replaced (and so will we). The manufacturer pays us for the part and then they pay our technicians to work on your car. The manufacturer only pays name brand dealerships to perform the work and we will take the extra step to reach out to you when your vehicle requires this maintenance. You will leave here with peace of mind knowing that your vehicle was taken care of by the best… at no cost to you!

• We have the parts in stock. Usually we order parts in bulk so we are able to get the same part into your car for less. And the part is already here. Most of the time your parts will not have to be ordered. You won't be stuck paying for a rental while you wait for your part to ship from across the country, and you won't have to come back a second time.
Shops that don't specialize in a particular make have no reason to order parts ahead of time (with the exception of common items such as oil filters and cabin air filters). If it is an unusual part or if it only fits a certain model, then it could be sitting on their shelf for months before someone needs it. And that is money wasted on other parts that could have been sold while they wait for it to be used.
Although our technicians will work on any vehicle that is brought to our shop, we specialize in servicing Chevrolet, Saturn, Hummer and all other GM brands. We have a warehouse full of parts that are waiting to be installed. And because we buy all of our parts in bulk; we save on our costs. In return we help you save on yours!

• We use manufacturer parts. These parts were developed with your vehicle while it was being rigorously tested by engineers and national safety organizations. These parts continue to develop and only get better as time goes on. But if you shop somewhere that doesn't offer manufacturer parts, remember: those parts weren't developed with your car. They were not built with the same attention to detail and testing that OEM parts were. Paying for a part that was specifically made with your vehicle while it was being developed will save you money down the road. The part will hold up on its responsibility while preventing other parts from enduring to much stress and wearing out to quickly.

• Over 100 years of experience working on GM products. General Motors was founded in 1908. (General Motors is the parent company to Chevrolet.) The company has grown to be an international success and it is still growing. General Motors has had over 100 years to perfect the craft of servicing their vehicles. This 100 years of knowledge is passed along to our Service Advisors and Technicians in mandatory training classes every employee attends.
Our technicians spend 40 hours a week working on GM vehicles. They know every GM car, truck and SUV inside and out. Technicians at other stores spend 40 hours a week working on any vehicle that comes in the shop. Their time is not dedicated getting to know the inner workings of one specific brand.

***Think about it like this. You spent the last 5 years living at a certain house. When it comes to mowing the lawn you get to know every little knick and crevasse. You knew what areas to avoid with your mower and when to pull out the weed whacker. Well it's the same with our technicians. Our techs know your car inside and out and they will know how to work around components rather than remove them. The job will get done right and in a fraction of the time.

You will leave our service center with peace of mind knowing that your car was worked on by the best of the best.